Princess K’s Princess Party

Last month, Princess K turned 5 years old.  To celebrate, we held a Princess Tea Party.  I made invitations on gold and light pink cardstock in palace text with Old English wording and a gold rose sticker seal and then hand delivered the majority of them.  All the princesses invited were encouraged to come in princess dresses and Auntie Suzie bought K a new princess dress for the occasion.

Our little princess

Our little princess


I wrapped the gate to our front walkway in tulle and flower garland and next to the gate sat our amazing carriage constructed by my husband and decorated by my sister.  They used our little red wagon and a big cardboard box covered with white poster board and a gold table cloth.  It was decorated with pink duct tape, flowers, golden cording, ribbons, glitter, and a crown.  It was spectacular.Ks Birthday4

In the backyard, we converted our shade canopy into a palace for the girls by pinning sheer drapes all the way around as the walls.  I made triangular banners and we had a balloon chandelier.  I tied tulle around the chairs and covered the tables with pink tablecloths.  I set up one table as a beauty table with jewelry and mirrors.   The other table was an art table.  Flowers were used everywhere.

K's Birthday2

Cinderella is my daughter’s favorite princess, so the buffet table was decorated with a few pictures of her.  I covered the table with pink and blue tablecloths and then had vases, teapots and teacups with flowers.  I borrowed a jeweled blue cake plate from my sister-in-law that looked lovely on our table.  I made a Happy Birthday banner out of a pink plastic tablecloth, scrapbook paper and gold glittery letters and decorated it with tulle and a flower garland.

K's Birthday3


As the girls arrived, I met them at the gate, took their picture by the carriage and gave them a carriage ride to the front door.  This was the favorite activity.  Once they arrived, they were ushered to the back yard where they could deck themselves out in jewelry (sticker earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets all found at the dollar section of Target and Michael’s).  Then they decorated princess star scepters with gems, sequins, and princess stickers.  They could also spend time coloring a Cinderella poster if they had time.  I took pictures of several of the girls with their scepters on the throne in the corner of the “Palace.”

K's Carriage Ride

K’s Carriage Ride

The Princess on her Throne

The Princess on her Throne

Then we played several games:

The first game was a balancing relay game.  Princesses must be graceful and able to walk steadily and beautifully.  So each girl walked with a book on her head down the path and back and gave the book to the next girl in line on her team.  They were allowed to place one finger on the book to help balance it.

The next game was in the grass.  The Snow White team was given a cup of apple shaped ice.  The Sleeping Beauty team was given a cup of berry shaped ice.  Each team was given one spoon.  They had to fill the empty cup at the end of the yard with the ice from their cup at the edge of the yard by carrying the ice in the spoon.  The game was fun, though it was too long.K's Birthday7

Then we went back to the front courtyard and went on a jewel hunt.  Jewels had been scattered amongst the rocks and the princesses were told to each find 15 gems.  The princesses enjoyed this activity.

Next, we went inside and played a version of Hot Potato with a bright red apple.  Our Snow Whites passed it around the circle while the music played and whoever was caught holding it when the music stopped had to do a dramatic death scene.  The girls liked losing as much as they liked winning this game!

The next game was a version of musical chairs.  We had green lily pads scattered on the floor.  An Easter Egg frog sat on each lily pad.  Inside one frog was a crown.  While the music played, the princesses danced.  When the music turned off, each princess had to find a lily pad and kiss the frog (and then open up the frog).  Whoever found the crown found her prince!  She and her frog prince (I took the crown back though to hide in the next frog) went to the other side of the room (to the ball!) while I hid the crown in the next frog and we did another round.  Finally, the princess who waited the longest for her prince received a prize.

Our last game was a shoe matching game.  We had two teams again and a bunch of pairs of fancy shoes.  One shoe from each pair was in a basket by the team lines.  The other shoe from each pair was at the end of the yard in a pile.  To start the game, I handed a shoe to the first girl in each team and they had to run to the pile, find the match and bring it back.  Then I gave the next girl in the line a shoe to match and so on.    The team with the most matched shoes won a prize.

Then we had our tea party and a Cinderella puppet show.  Finally, we had cake and ice cream and then K opened her presents.  After that, I dumped a big box of pink and blue and gold balloons on the girls and they went crazy tossing and bouncing and playing with the balloons.  Really, I think one is NEVER too old to enjoy balloons.

As the girls were leaving, I game them little tiny pastel pink organza favor bags with a lip gloss necklace and a little bottle of princess bubbles.  Because they begged, each girl was given a carriage ride back to the gate on their way out.

It was a fabulous party and my princess loved it, so all the work was worth it!


We served strawberry lemonade as our ‘tea’ and had a variety of little tea party foods.  We had triangle sandwiches of peanut butter and nutella, cinnamon bread and apples, cream cheese and cucumber, and strawberry cream cheese with bananas.  I also had strawberries, little fruit tarts, yogurt pretzels served in cupcake cups, little brownies and crackers and cheese.  The adults served the princesses which was all part of the ambiance but also cut down on the chaos!

K's Birthday8

We made strawberry cake and frosted it with cream cheese frosting and decorated it to look like a castle!  We used ice cream cones for pillars, marshmallows for battlements and a little Cinderella in the front.

It was a beautiful and fun party!  What a way to celebrate my Princess K’s 5th birthday!

K's Birthday6



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