Z’s Dinosaur Party

My Toddler Tornado turned two last week and we had a dinosaur party to celebrate his life!  I was actually torn between having a monster themed party and a dinosaur themed party.  When I created the invitation, the fact that I could only find dinosaur e-vites decided the theme.  The son of a friend of mine turned 2 a few days before, so we had a combo party.  What a treat!  I handled decorations and activities and she handled all the food.

We cut out dinosaur tracks and placed them at the doorway (it was raining outside, so we did not place them up the front walkway).  We decorated with dinosaur banners, cutouts, and balloons.

When the guests entered, I gave them a dinosaur nose and took their picture.  They were quite cute.  They decorated their favor bags with stickers and I had dinosaur coloring pages and crayons out.

Birthday Dino-boy

Dinosaur Princess


Before he lost his spines

Our first game was the stegosaurus spine hunt.  They went searching around the living room for the orange colored spines and then they taped them up on the poor stegosaurus who had lost all of his spines.  We then each got a set of binoculars to use to follow dinosaur tracks to a dinosaur nest!  Inside the nest we found eggs (made of flour, salt, dirt, sand, and a little bit of water) and the kids tapped them on the patio to break them open.  They found little dinosaurs inside!

After inexpert paleontologists found his spines and reattached them

Our binoculars

Looking for dino tracks!

Next, they went digging in two big boxes of sand for little dinosaurs (we were going to hide “dino bones” in there, but just didn’t get to making bones.  Z’s only turning two, it doesn’t matter!).  Finally, we did a Dino Stomp where we stomped (or squished, in the case of X-man) balloons for the dino tatoos inside.

Dinosaur in an egg

Digging in the sand

The Dino Stomp (or Squish)

Then it was time to eat!  We had dinosaur nuggets, dino eggs (hard boiled eggs), carnivore treats (animal crackers), a platter for the herbivore dinos among us (plenty of veggies and fruit), dino bones (pretzel rods), migration mix (nuts, craisins, and M&Ms), and a Mama Dino’s Meal (a delicious salad).

Carnivore Treats (Animal Crackers)

Dino Bones (Pretzel Rods)

Plenty of treats for the herbivores among us

The dino eggs were all consumed quickly

Finally, it was time for cake and ice cream!  I had made a sheet cake with a volcano on top and decorated it with little dinosaurs and pretzel rod trees.  We all had a great time celebrating our toddler’s birthday.

Delicious cake

“It’s my party and I’ll steal a whole platter of cookies if I want to”


3 thoughts on “Z’s Dinosaur Party

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    • Thanks, Linds! Your brother did the volcano and made the leaves. It was fun and I’m pleased with the way it turned out. I saved the decorations so I thought we’d do a dinosaur party for Baby S’s 1st next May! I think I’ll continue our tradition of first birthdays being at your mom’s, so do think you could do something with dinosaurs?

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