Princess K’s Pool Party


Pool Party


My little princess turned 6 in July.  With the hot summer weather, K’s love of swimming, and my mother-in-law’s sparkling pool, a brilliant plan for a pool party was hatched.

Pool Party2

We invited everyone for those hot afternoon hours between lunch and dinner, so we only served snacks, cake, and snow cones.  We served water, lemonade, juice, and “Blue Raspberry Pool Water” to drink.  We had chips and salsa, fishy crackers, Nutter Butter Sandals, Umbrella fruit cups, trail mix, candy pool noodles and candy beach balls.

Pool Party1

I put a beach towel over a blue tablecloth and used a variety of beach items (that I used as prizes later) such as beach balls, goggles, and flip flops to decorate the table.  I served some of the food in (new) sand pails with shovels for serving.  It turned out really cute.  Everyone loved the snow cones we made!


Our favors were bags of beach balls (both small bouncy balls and little sour cherry candy balls) and pool rings (candy peach rings).  Auntie Lindsay’s cupcakes turned out both adorable and delicious, as usual.


For most of the party, we all just played and swam in the pool.  We did do a few games.  We played Marco Polo and held a Boat Race where each participant grabbed hold of a flotation device (a ring or noodle) and swam from one end of the pool to the other.

When mostly everyone was finished swimming, we set up Water Balloon Relay Race.  We divided the kids up into two teams at one end of the lawn and two volunteer (or maybe I should say drafted) fathers stood at the other end of the lawn.  The kids had to jump over two pool noodles balanced on kid sized chairs.  Then they ran to the baby pool that held a bunch of water balloons, grabbed a balloon and threw it at a father.  They received one point for making it there and an extra bonus point for getting the father wet.  Then   Once this game was over, we pulled out a few large boxes filled with water and water balloons for a big free-for-all water balloon fight.

We had a great time and it was fun and relaxing!  I vote for pool parties every year!


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