Baby Shortstop’s Mickey Mouse Party

Happy 1st Birthday Shortstop!

Happy 1st Birthday Shortstop!

My baby turned one year old last week!  How can it be?!?

Our tradition is to have baby’s 1st birthday party at my mother-in-law’s house with Auntie Lindsay making the food.  We chose Mickey Mouse as our theme and we had a great time!  My mom and sis-in-law were in charge of the food and decorations and I was in charge of the games and activities.

My hubby’s mom lives a few hours north of us, so traveled up for the party and invited family members and some friends we knew when we lived up here and some old friends Scotty grew up with.  It was so great to see them and meet their kids and catch up with them!

Treats and Candy- a must at any birthday party!

Treats and Candy- a must at any birthday party!

Anyway, back to the party.  As guests arrived, we gave the kids Mickey ears and took their picture with our big Mickey balloon (until poor Mickey got decapitated, then we used the kids’ heads as Mickey’s head- which was both funny and creepy).  Then they got to decorate a favor bag with stickers and color a picture from a Mickey Mouse coloring book.  They could also climb through our Pluto’s Palace (a dog-house shaped tunnel made with PVC pipe and cloth) or play with bubbles.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

Baby Shortstop was plopped into his new ball pit, but he was not feeling well (poor baby has been heartbreakingly sick all week), and didn’t really like it.

The kids had Hot Diggity Dogs for lunch and the grown-ups were given a choice of a variety of delicious panini.  My personal favorite was the brie, bacon and fig.  There were cute little cups of veggies and ranch dip, chips, and cutely decorated juice boxes and sodas.  The kids all loved the little red-dotted straws.

Mickey Mouse drinks and treats

Mickey Mouse drinks and treats

After lunch, we gathered the children and started our games.  It started with my husband with a wolf’s hat on his head- he was Pete and he stole some of Shortstop’s presents and locked them away in a trunk!  He took the four shape blocks that were the key to unlocking this trunk and scattered them everywhere!  Oh no!  Shortstop’s party will be ruined!  We decided that we would go hunt down these shapes and unlock the trunk and save Shortstop’s birthday.  Thankfully, O’Toodles gave us his special toolbox to help us out on our adventure.

All the kids and I walked over to Pluto’s Palace to ask Pluto if he had seen any shapes.  But he was sad, he wanted to play.  Luckily, O’Toodles had a ball in his toolbox and we played ball with Pluto.  But then Pluto got hungry.  We had to send all the kids to go find Pluto’s 18 dog bone treats for him to eat.  Once we succeeded in that, Pluto told us that the shape was in his tunnel.  All the kids scrambled inside the Palace and they emerged triumphantly with the first shape!

Our Mickey Mouse Adventure

Our Mickey Mouse Adventure

Next, we visited Goofy.  He did not know where a shape was, but he needed help getting peanuts from the peanut bag to the bowls for his upcoming party with Chip and Dale.  He didn’t have anything to scoop peanuts with, but O’Toodles came to our rescue with two scoop cups.  Then the kids divided into two teams and ran to the bag with the scoop and filled the bowls with peanuts.  What do you know!?  The second shape was hiding beneath the peanuts!

Next we walked over to Mickey Mouse to ask him if he had seen any shapes.  Unfortunately, his ears were missing and he could not hear our question.  So we used tape from O’Toodles toolbox and played pin the ears on the Mickey.  Once he had ears (we said, “Cheers!”) he happily handed over the shape he had seen Pete drop.

We have ears, say "Cheers!"

We have ears, say “Cheers!”

Finally, we went to see Donald Duck.  We had to find the trail to Donald by following the correct pattern.  Then he needed some help sorting clothespins into their correct colors for Daisy.  So, aided by our final Mouseketool- the Mystery Mousketool- a final bag for the sorting, each child tossed clothespins into the proper colored bag as fast as they could.  Then Donald gave us the final shape we needed!

We ran over to the trunk, gave each kid a chance to put a shape in the lock (for you know, you have to put them in and out at least twice to open the lock), and saved Shortstop’s birthday party!  We played the Hot Dog Dance on Youtube and the kids really got into dancing the Hot Dog dance with us!

Finally, it was time for cake, Mickey Oreo cookies, ice cream, and presents.

Very delicious cupcakes

Very delicious cupcakes

What a Hot Dog day!

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