As an retired teacher who felt the calling to homeschool before there was a child in the womb, once I did get pregnant, I was very interested in researching all I could about the preschool years.  I found some very wonderful websites and articles that helped lead me to the conviction -one I think I already felt deep down to some degree- that preschool should be about playing, exploring the world, enjoying life, greeting every new experience with wonder.  So we have spent the majority of our preschool time  reading books together, playing games and doing puzzles, and playing outside.  We have gone on many outings to places like the beach, parks and zoos.  We enjoyed   I gave them lots of free time to play and create.  When my kids were interested, we would draw letters with chalk on the walkway or create words with magnet letters.  I did have some organized activities during holiday seasons, which we all enjoyed, and sometimes I told Bible stories with Betty Lukens flannelgraph.  We also worked on discipline, life skills, and habits.
Here are a few articles that were especially inspiring to me when my oldest child entered the preschool years.

Now, as my oldest two enter into their elementary years, my younger two will enter preschool.  So I am assuming that their preschool years will not look quite the same.  I think I will not have the same kind of time to take them on as many outings as I did with the older two.  I’m sure I will need to organize some activities for them so that I can get some schooling done with the older two.  Perhaps they will want to do school ‘like the big kids,’ and so maybe they will get more formal ‘schooling’ than the other two did.  I am looking forward to seeing what adventures lie ahead!

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