X’s Mario Party 5

This year, our oldest child turned 5!  Wow!  He asked for a Mario Party.  When we told his daddy this, his response was, “I feel that I’ve done something right as a parent.”  🙂  We created an invitation that had a warp pipe envelope and the oval invitation had Mario and a few friends jumping out of the pipe with details for the party.

X's Daddy had so much fun making that poster!

We had a lot of fun creating decorations for the party.  X’s Daddy went crazy with the posters  and the Bowser Castle- he really did an amazing job!!

X-man is turning 5!

My mom-in-law made warp pipes out of PVC pipes and created little Mario themed figures to pop out of them.  For the table, we made a Bob-omb, a Fire Flower jar of “fireballs” (which were actually gumballs), and cute little fire and ice flowers.  The cake stand was a hat box covered with green paper to look like a pipe.  I covered some boxes with brick paper and I covered the table with a green plastic tablecloth, star garland, and gold foil chocolate coins.  On our front porch, we placed warp pipes with piranha plants and other creatures popping out of them.  We also covered the walls next to our door with brick paper (because our home is our castle!).

Warp pipes and party hats

Mario Cake

The party was from 1:30-3:30, so we only needed to serve some snacks and cake.  We decorated the cake with little Mario figures I found online.  I dipped marshmallows in red frosting and put little white dot candies on them to represent mushrooms (shall we call them “Mushroomallows”?).  I made frozen chocolate covered banana pops (“Donkey Kong’s Banana Pops”), and little star peanut butter and nutella sandwiches.  I also had little plastic cups of peaches (“Princess Peaches”) and juice boxes decorated with mushrooms and stars.

Juice Boxes

Bob-omb and Mushroomellows

As the kids arrived, they were given a green “L” (Luigi) hat, a red “M” (Mario) hat, or a princess tiara.  They were directed to the (brick paper covered) table in the front yard to decorate a red favor bag with Mario stickers, figures, and foam letter stickers for their names.  My mother helped with this activity.

Decorating Favor Bags

Mystery Boxes with gold foil chocolate coins inside!

Then the Super Mario Brothers Game began!  Princess Peach was kidnapped by Bowser and we had to take a “warp pipe” (all imaginary, it was just a walk) to the back yard where the kids all stomped on goomba balloons.  Then we had to “swim” back up the stairs while little squids and bubbles bounced near our heads (some of the kids -like my daughter- found the squids bouncing perilously near their heads quite disturbing!).  Past the underwater level, they got to find one mystery box with gold coins inside!  Next, we took a brick path to our garage door where there was the “slot machine” from Super Mario Brothers 3.  The Marios (and a princess) and the Luigis (and a few princesses) raced to put the puzzles together.  The Marios won!  And the Luigis were not far behind.

Duck to avoid the bouncing squids!

Slot Machine

Back in our front yard, we sat at Yoshi’s Island (also completely imaginary) and played hot potato, sorta, with dotted Easter eggs.  They passed eggs around in a circle until the music stopped.  Then they broke open the eggs- if they found little green pom-pom frogs, they went into the basket in the middle.  If they found red bombs, they had to run to the fence and throw them under the chair to get them away from the baby frogs.  This game was pretty chaotic, but fun!  Then they had to line up at the fence and take turns going through the ‘obstacle course’ of fire sticks -the kids had to duck under or jump over the stick being waved by a dad while two other adults threw water balloon “cannonballs” at their feet.

More Awesome Posters

Menacing Chain Chomp Pinata

Standing in our path to rescue Princess Peach were two menacing Chain Chomp pinatas.  We had to take those down before we could proceed.  The Marios had one to take down and the Luigis had one to take down.  They were rewarded with Mario fruit snacks and Starburst candies.  We made a quick stop at the Toadstool poster where we had to pick a box and receive something that would help us on our way.  The kids opened the box and each took two “fireballs” (red and orange ball pit balls).  We made our way to Bowser’s Castle where each guest took turns throwing the fireballs at Bowser, standing at the door to his castle.  Once he

Save the Princess!

was hit with all the fireballs, he was defeated and the princess was saved!

After we rescued Princess Peach, we had our snacks under the shade of our orange tree.  We played a few more games- “Red Hat, Green Hat” (which was just Red Light, Green Light) and “Mario, Mario, Luigi” (which was just Duck, Duck, Goose).  Then we had cake and opened presents.  It was chaotic and crazy and lots of fun.  X-man loves to have “SO many friends” over and he really enjoyed his party.  As for me, it was such an awesome party and my son absolutely loved it and thus I am so glad I did it and- I am so glad it is DONE!


2 thoughts on “X’s Mario Party 5

  1. Those bouncing squids were crazy. I spent a long time untangling the yarn that held them, then bundled them together very gently so we could quickly take them apart for the activity. Well, the gentle bundling immediately became Cthulhu of tangledness (tanglosity?). So they became kind of a cat o’ nine squids. Which worked. Lesson: flexibility wins.

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