Z’s Rescue Bots Party

Happy BirthdayLast month, Z-urchin turned 3.  His very favorite thing (in show form and in toy form) is Rescue Bots.  In case any of you do not know, Rescue Bots is part of the Transformers universe and Optimus Prime and Bumblebee both show up from time to time in this cartoon series.

As a side note, it is actually a very good show.  I sat down and watched a few episodes all the way through with the kids to get inspiration for the party and there were several occasions where I laughed out loud.  And I like the intro song.

Anyway, back to the party.

When the guests arrived, we had each child select a bot: Boulder the Bulldozer, Heatwave the Fire Engine, Chase the Police Car, or Blades the Helicopter.  They were to pretend to scan the vehicle and then become the vehicle by putting on a tag bearing that bot’s picture.  (These helped us form teams later.)

We started with lunch.  We had Dinobot Nuggets, Heatwave’s Pretzel Ladders, Jello Energon Cubes, Boulder’s Fruit Boulders, Blades’ Carrot Blades, Bumblebee’s Oreo Wheels, Heatwave’s Red Vine Hoses, and Chase’s Chocolate Sirens.

Blades' Carrot Blades, Boulder's Fruit Boulders, Heatwaves Pretzel Ladders, and Dinobot Nuggets

Blades’ Carrot Blades, Boulder’s Fruit Boulders, Heatwaves Pretzel Ladders, and Dinobot Nuggets

Jello Energon Cubes, Bumblebee's Oreo Wheels, Chase's Chocolate Sirens, and Heatwave's Red vine Hoses

Jello Energon Cubes, Bumblebee’s Oreo Wheels, Chase’s Chocolate Sirens, and Heatwave’s Red vine Hoses

When everyone had finished lunch, we moved on to game time.  First, our alien autobots needed a quick course in human culture by playing my Rescue Bots version of Hullabaloo.  I had 16 mats spread out on the ground: four each of four colors (red, yellow, green, blue); four each of four shapes (triangle, square, circle, heart); four each of four natural disasters (tornado, volcano, earthquake, thunderstorm), four each of four ground vehicles (train, police car, fire engine, bulldozer) and four each of four air vehicles (helicopter, hot air balloon, airplane, blimp).  I called out instructions such as, “Stand on a square!”  “Fly to a natural disaster!”  “Move like a robot to a vehicle with wheels.”  “Twirl to a red.”  And then after a list of instructions I would call out a winner: “Whoever is standing on the volcano is the winner!”  We played several rounds of this so that everyone had a chance to win… er… I mean, every autobot had a chance to fully learn about our culture and their mission.

Next, we put their training into action.  A preschool building was on fire!  The rescue bots had to crawl to and through the burning building and rescue a child on the way.  These little children who needed saving were all the little babies of my dear daughter who was truly distraught during this game.  At first we thought she was really getting into the spirit of the game.  But actually, someone else rescued the doll she wanted to rescue.  So much for this mother not having favorites!

3 November 20133

After all the little children were rescued, the autobots used the newest thing in fire protection technology: water balls.  Each child got three blue (or green) water balls to throw into the burning building.  When all the balls got in, the fire was out!

Next, an avalanche of white balloons (which was our version of snow) occurred right on top of a zoo.  The rescue bots had to hurry to save the animals and then they played snowball fight with one another.

Our last adventure was rescuing two climbers (that happened to be two dads present at the party) by tugging the rope that held them.  The dads were really good sports about this and everyone had fun.

Then it was time for really delicious peanut butter chocolate cupcakes, presents, and a ride in our very own Chase Police Car!


Happy 3rd Birthday to my handsome little Urchin.

Z 3


8 thoughts on “Z’s Rescue Bots Party

  1. Quick question… As I am planning my son’s 5th birthday party with the rescue bots theme, I would like to know how you made those pretzel ladders ?

    • Yes! I used thick pretzel rods, thin pretzel sticks and chocolate frosting. I dippd the edges of the pretzel sticks in the frosting and pressed them on the rods and then let them harden. Totally easy! Have so much fun with your son’s birthday!!!

  2. Great ideas, thank you! I’m currently planning my son’s 3rd birthday and especially love your energon cubes and game ideas. My son loves to pretend to be a rescue bot, so the second game listed will be super fun for him. 🙂

    • The kids really got into that game- they loved rescuing the children! I hope you have a wonderful birthday party! Happy 3rd birthday to your little guy!

    • The kids really got into that game- they loved rescuing the children! I hope you have a wonderful birthday party! Happy 3rd birthday to your little guy!

  3. I love your party ideas. In particular I have been searching for Rescue Bots party game ideas. Yours are great, and I’m stealing them! Plus I might have the bots rescue Mister Pettypaws. 🙂

  4. This is aboslutely perfect! Planning my boy’s 4th birthday and I think this is spot-on, no need to change anything! Thank you for sharing!

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